The problem with crap digital agencies

May 18, 2006

One of the biggest problems with crap digital agencies, apart from the fact that they're crap of course, is the mess they leave behind for their successor to pick up. One of the media agencies we deal with has a huge international client, whose corporate website was built by another digital agency for which we took over maintenance.

This is getting confusing. Let me explain. Media Company A (MCA) used to work with Digital Agency A (DAA), who they contracted to build the corporate website for their big corporate client with lots of money. Over time, as incompetent as MCA was, the realised that DAA was completely shit, and came to us (DAB) to take over the maintenance.

Oh my goodness gracious me. The code is f*cking awful.  The navigation system is probably the most shockingly bad way I've seen navigation constructed. Ever. Want to add a new tab? It takes at least 4 hours. No, I'm serious.

Content Management System? That depends whether you count non-technical staff having to VPN into a secure network, remote desktop into a production server, open up SQL Enterprise Manager and manually edit rows.

At least that's better than Ektron. Just kidding. Ektron isn't as bad as that.


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