What marketing agencies don’t realise

May 30, 2006

Too many marketing agencies think it’s okay to treat digital agencies simply as resources to boss around instead of asking for advice and drawing on their technical experience to do a better job and offer their clients better solutions.

What they don’t realise, is that by treating the developers like crap, they not only demotivate the team, but lose the right to ask favours, and lose the right to expect developers to do anything to help them and further their cause.

We deal with one such dumb f*k on a daily basis, who is constantly asking dumb questions, and making pathetic demands. If you ask us to do a job which we have told you is 6 hours work, don’t call us every 30 mins to ask for a status update dumbass.

For example, we get a shit design from the marketing agency (who are predominantly into print design, and don’t really get how web design is different).  Rather than ask our advice, they go ahead and keep making stupid design decisions.  So, we go ahead and build the rubbish they feed us, only to get comments like “Why aren’t those two boxes squared up?” – because the content inside is content controlled and you’ve put different amounts of content in each region f*cker! hahahahahhaha.

Sure, we probably could put some nice features in like character restrictions, etc.  Modify the CSS to make it match their crap exactly.  But, why the hell should we?  It’s hard to give a job 100% when the people running the show clearly don’t know what they’re talking about, and refuse to consult with people who do.

Perhaps not an ideal analogy, given the number of rogue mechanics in this country, but generally speaking, if you go to a mechanic and ask him to fix your car, let him do his job.


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