Power of patience

June 13, 2006

I’ve often wondered about a colleague notorious for their 3am e-mails. The truth only hit me recently.

I’ve been doing email for hours.. so tired.. better get some sleep..” — one hour later — (awaking from a nightmare about a dumbass client) “aaaargh! nooooo! not more copy changes!” — 15 minutes later, unable to get back to sleep for fear of more nightmares— “let me do more email..”

This predicament is not unusual for project managers, many of whom have to endure the mental toture almost daily of dealing with stupid people. It takes a lot of patience to deal with such behaviour on a regular basis, and requires a completely different personality from developers (who tend to be ‘engineer’ type personalities as opposed to ‘sales’ type personalities).

A business where developers are client facing is almost always going to be problematic, as project managers play an important role, in that they buffer the demands of crazy clients and aggravated developers. It’s juggling. With fire. Most developers – including myself – don’t deal very well with such activity.

That’s why good project managers deserve respect from developers.


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