It’s not so bad

June 15, 2006

Although my career to date has an agency focus, it’s by no means the only thing I’ve done, with brief stints in both a large global management consultancy and a small property company.

Despite these experiences, I’ve always found myself drifting back to agency work. In some ways, web development for the marketing sector isn’t as intense as developer roles elsewhere.

As Mark says, compared to the process at a global management consultancy, we’ve got it easy (though I don’t entirely agree with his comment, but that’s a post for another day).

There are things I love about working in a web agency (which tends to be quite small), as oposed to a 10,000+ employee global management consultancy.

A close-knit team. Everyone has one or two key areas of expertise. There’s a lot of respect within the organisation. Flat hierarchy and little or no politics. The power to innovate and bring about change.

Working in a web agency isn’t so bad. Even with dumb clients.


One Response to “It’s not so bad”

  1. You are right – it isn’t so bad. I mean if you go there day in and day out, there must be something about it that makes you actually *want* to get out of bed and be the best you can be.

    There is a downside to everything – at least in the world of IT. You tend to look back at things and smile, or have a brief chuckle at those moments of foolishness or those times when you were challenging the technical boundaries, delving into impossibilities…

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