It’s not all fun and games

January 13, 2007

Sometimes being a web developer actually means being a skivvy.

I’m the unlucky [insert expletive] who has to go through a 100+ page word document of copy changes, and make these changes to pages in the website.

You’d think account executives would realise that a big word document is not an effective way to communicate copy changes, and use something more effective (even a spreadsheet is better). At least tell us developers the damn filenames of the files you’re referring to rather than expecting us to just know by looking at the text.

The problem lies with the fact that agencies, clients, whoever think that developers actually care about the text we’re copying and pasting from your stupid word document. Let’s be clear: we don’t give a crap. Could be pasting latin text for all we care.

What is a web developer anyway?

A person who undertakes programming tasks for a Web site. This can include producing e-commerce applications or implementing a site search tool, for example. Occasionally used interchangeably with ‘Web designer’.

It’s a person who undertakes programming tasks for a website. We enjoy writing code. Not copying your stupid text from your word document and putting it into web pages.  If you’re going to give us mundane work, at least make it clear what needs doing so we can get back to the exciting stuff quicker.

Ideally, we’d be using a CMS system, though this site was created quickly and evolved.  Having said that, our agency created several websites for this client using our custom CMS product, and the account executives are way to stupid to use it. If only they would learn HTML. Or resign. Assholes.


One Response to “It’s not all fun and games”

  1. Chris Yeh said

    Never ceases to amaze me how little marketing professionals know about HTML.

    A long time ago, I needed to develop content for a new Web site. I was going to use FrontPage, but my technical partner absolutely refused.

    “Chris,” he said, “You’re a smart guy. Just Google “HTML tutorial” and practice for a day. Trust me, it’s not that hard. And it’ll be a hell of a lot better than dealing with the crap that FrontPage outputs.”

    Best day I ever invested.

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